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I am so excited to get back to doing what I love, sharing my style and grooming tips with you. I enjoy making your life a little less complicated so you can focus on other things. Obviously me, your virtual girlfriend…ha! Besides, it’s not easy looking for great products For some of you, figuring out how to put together a style/look that suits you can be quite challenging. I want to make things easy and simple. I was happy when I stumbled upon Bespoke Post an online blog and store that sells goods for men. Their aim is to make your life easier as well so they put all the essentials in one box. If you would like, subscribe to a monthly subscription where you will receive a different box each month. The girls are getting into this, so why shouldn’t you?! Of course, your needs are completely different and Bespoke Post understands this quite well. Whether your looking for on the go gym essentials, tools for entertaining or a weekend getaway bag, Bespoke Post has you covered.

Below are a few of the boxes that are offered. You can tell there’s a lot of effort put into sourcing great products. Not just anything goes. Therefore, if you appreciate natural skincare and bath products you will definitely be pleased with Bespoke Post boxes.



I am sure the title gives it away just a little. This is box is filled with your bathroom essentials.

Inside the box: A Turkish cotton bath towel set, charcoal pine body brick soap, natural toothpaste, charcoal infused bamboo toothbrush and ‘everywhere‘ lotion (it can be applied all over your body, including you face).


steam bespoke post




This is a great Valentine’s Day gift for you. Either you can buy it for yourself or send a subtle hint to your significant other. It’s also a great house warming gift/birthday gift for one of your buddies. It’s what I call a keeper, meaning that whomever receives it will keep it for years to come. There comes a time in life when you have to be considerate when buying people gifts. Most people like to receive items they can actually use; purposeful items.

Inside the box: Two 140z pure copper mugs, ice mallet and Lewis bag and Fiery Ginger Syrup.


copper bespoke box




Given the current temperatures, this box is essential. This box contains a soft Merino wool scarf to keep you warm, my favourite wool and cashmere spray by Laundress. I love Laundress, particularly their fresh scented antibacterial sprays that you can use on outerwear (coats, hats) and blankets. The last item in this box, in my opinion is a must have, cedar balls. If you don’t know, cedar balls stave off moths and keep your clothes smelling fresh. I haven’t mentioned this to you, so I will now. Make sure you leave your closet and drawers open every now and then to air them out. Maybe on a Sunday while you’re out. In addition, to the cedar balls this technique will prevent that musty closet smell.


bespoke brisk box


Note: All the above boxes have add-ons. You can fill your box with more complimentary items.


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