Being Bold Enough To Try

It’s a little scary. It may keep you up at night. Don’t you hate the tossing and turning? You can’t stop thinking about it? What if it doesn’t work out? Did I make the right decision? Should I do it? Is it a bad idea? What if I regret doing it? What if I regret not trying? What if? You will spend weeks spinning every scenario in your mind. The good, the bad, an outcome you will never know unless you try. In the end, that’s what it comes down to. You will have to do something. Just so you know, doing nothing is something as well. It’s a decision. A decision that will result in an outcome you will have to accept and live with.

I wish I could give you a ten step guide on how to go about making bold decisions.  The do’s and don’ts… so you’re prepared and feel somewhat safe. But in this life, when you really want something, not only do you have to work for it. You have to go out and get it. This is something I often hear my fitness instructor say all the time as he pushes us through a gruelling workout. You have to make tough but smart decisions, you have to make a move. Being a bold decision maker doesn’t mean you can’t think it through. In fact, I think you should because in most cases you can’t go back. You will never recapture a moment that’s passed or some opportunities for that matter. Some things just come once in a lifetime and that’s just the way it is.

Firstly, I would say trust your instincts. You have to trust that gut feeling. You have to listen to this; particularly when it really matters. I know there are times you have ignored it and things turned out okay. The daredevil in you has to come out sometimes and oftentimes going against our instincts is the only way to learn why that little voice in your head telling you it’s a bad idea exists in the first place. Sometimes, it’s not always worth the risk to test the limits of life. If you made it out alive, despite that nagging feelings telling you NO. Be grateful, it might not be like that next time. Be grateful, that there is some force/unseen entity in the universe looking out for you. I am not talking about some wild adventure or jumping off a building though; for all you thrill seekers out there. I talking about taking chances on your dreams, love and living the best life you can possibly live. Not, allowing negative conclusions you have formulated in your head to stop you. Knowing that your instincts will help you make the right decisions and get you where you need to be. Listen to them, become very acquainted with them and they won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

I definitely encourage you to go out there and try something new. Don’t let your fears rule you. Don’t let fear keep you away from new beautiful experiences that will open up your mind and heart in ways you could have never imaged. Also, keep in mind fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have learned that there is always something great on the other side of fear. In order to experience all the good things life has to offer you have to take chances. Sometimes fear just signifies the beginning of something new, something we haven’t felt, seen or experienced before…this is a good thing.

Don’t become best friends with comfort. Comfort may make you feel safe but it will never inspire you or fill your heart and mind. I think of all the things I missed out on because of fear. I can’t go back. I think of all the things I have experienced because I didn’t let fear anchor me to the ground. I will tell you the scariest things I have ever done have been the best experiences of my life. So I continue to step into fear, because for me I know it means I am going in the right direction. Yes, into the unknown and something new, but where I am meant to be.

I want you to be bold. I want you to try. Why? Well, I don’t want you to look back on your life with regret. I want you to understand your role in the way your life currently is aside from unseen circumstances (things beyond your control). It’s important to recognize what you can do and what steps need to be taken. Every small step matters because you matter. Not everybody is going to like you but stop using the excuse that everyone is against you when it’s really you who is your biggest road block. A year ago I said to myself, I am going to start a site where people can share their life stories. Where people can engage with one another. It was a little scary at first. So many questions, fears and doubts. Yet, I did it anyway. Success lives in the moment you make the move and try. The outcome is the glory in which you get to relish in.



Photo Courtesy of: Global Views Jumping Through Hoops 19″ Iron Sculpture

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