Avocado Oil – It’s Good For You

If you have been following this site you know that I have mentioned avocados quite a bit. There are a few delicious recipes on the site for you to try! I also gave you some facts about avocados aka green-gold. Some of you are familiar with avocado oil in natural skincare products but I think most people don’t realize that you can cook with it! It’s an amazing substitute for olive oil in salad dressings. There seems to be a bit of confusion as to whether or not the same oil you find in the beauty section can be used for cooking and for your beauty care needs, like coconut oil. I would say that most oils found in the beauty section are a little more refined. I have never crossed between the two (I buy separate bottles).


What to look for

When looking for an avocado oil to cook with look for an extra virgin avocado oil. It should come in a dark glass bottle (not plastic unless it’s just for beauty purposes). Although, I can’t say either way if you can cook with the same oil found in the beauty section…ask the staff at your local grocer or health store. If you shop online, send the company an email. They should be able to answer your questions as well.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of placement and other times they will recommend that you purchase an oil meant for cooking in the cooking section rather than the beauty aisle. None the less, I would recommend cooking with avocado oil that is stored in the appropriate bottle as mentioned above because this prevents the oil from becoming rancid. I will note, you can use the same oil you cook with on your skin but I don’t think an oil packaged for skincare is interchangeable as well. To be honest I have two glass jars of coconut oil, one I store in my beauty cabinet and the other is in the kitchen. It’s rare to find avocado oil in the beauty section that isn’t in a plastic bottle. Avocado oil and similar oils used for cooking should be stored in a dark glass bottle to ensure freshness. This is something I wouldn’t overlook.

Extra virgin avocado oil is great to cook with because it has a high smoke point ( 480 and 520F (271 C)). What does this mean? It means that you still retain the nutritional benefits when cooked at high temperatures. In comparison to olive oil which produces dangerous inflammatory compounds, toxins and destructive free radicals at high temperatures. Olive oil is best for light cooking, cold dishes, salads and sautéing since it burns at 185C. Whereas avocado oil suits all-purpose cooking such as frying, baking, cold dishes, and salads. It’s a lot more versatile and still maintains its nutritional benefits at a high temperature. You will also notice that less oil is needed when cooking due to its high-temperature threshold.




What’s in avocado oil that makes it so good for you…

  • Heart Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
  • Reduces Cholesterol & Inflammation (Oleic Acid)
  • High in Vitamin E, K, A & D, Lycopene & Lutein (eye health)
  • Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Great source of Potassium, Folate & high in Fibre


I will list brands I like don’t worry! Obviously, you want to use your avocado oil and not store it away forever so there is no need to buy a large bottle unless you plan to cook with it regularly and use it on your skin and hair. If so, purchase small travel size bottles, fill them up with the amount of avocado oil you would like to reserve for your beauty care needs. I know we like to save money and often think buying large quantities at a cheaper price is a good idea but when it comes to oils such as avocado oil or almond oil for instance. It’s best to buy what you will use in the short-run because once opened oils begin to oxidize and lose their freshness over time. The same can be said for olive oil. Once opened oils will retain their freshness for approximately 6 weeks max.

Keep in mind: At the moment olive oil standards are regulated by the Official Olive Oil Council. “Newer” (avocado oil has been used for years in places like New Zealand and Kenya) oils, don’t have a regulatory board as of yet so do your research on the brand. Go to their site and read their story and processing information.

So, if you are looking for an oil substitute this is a great one. When a recipe calls for oil or butter, try avocado oil, trust me you won’t regret it. It’s good knowing that you are putting good fats into your food. Avocado, a superfruit, does so much for your body both inside and out.


Avocado Oil
Olivado Avocado Oil


I am a big fan of this brand because it’s certified organic fair trade. All of their avocados are bought from small bio-diverse Kenyan farms as of 2006. This gives farmers more control over their produce, where all avocados prices are set at a premium price and no brokers get involved therefore farmers reap the fruits of their labour. Olivado goes a step further to guarantee quality by working with farmers and providing the right tools and education needed to harvest quality organic fruits.  You can find out more here.


Chosen Foods Avocado Oil
Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

Chosen Foods is another brand that I have tried. They also have cooking sprays that can double as a great spray-on skin moisturizer (I still recommend the dark glass bottle for daily use but it’s a great option for some). This company works with local farmers and value the importance of having a hands-on approach to their production process. Chief Executive Officer, Carsten Hagen is determined to bring foods with essential healing ingredients to consumers. You might be familiar with their chia bites and avocado mayo!


EXTRA NOTE: I got a great email from Olivado today! Above I discussed – avocado oil found in the beauty aisle versus the cooking section – they confirmed and further clarified what I said. Another example of a brand that’s hands-on! I love this!


 “Avocado oil found in most skincare products is what we refer to as “cosmetic grade avocado oil” so this is definitely not edible.” – Pip – Business Development Manager. 


Let me know if you decide to try avocado oil. Do you notice a difference?

P.S. I don’t think organic butter is bad. I just want to mention that. We’re talking about avocado oil but that doesn’t mean I think REAL butter is bad for you. We will talk about that soon and get experts to weigh in on this.

Cover Image and Avocado Image: Courtesy of Peruvian Avocado Commission ©


**Always check with your healthcare provider before you start a new food/fitness program or when introducing new foods/supplements. Individuals with food intolerance/sensitivities or allergies are responsible to see if any food(s)/supplement(s) are suitable for them prior to consumption or otherwise.






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