The Things I Wish I Knew is a Canadian based lifestyle brand aimed towards 25-45year olds who are looking for a forum to share their life lessons. We carefully select all our advertisers and hope to build authentic relationships that we, as an online lifestyle brand, strive to have with our readers.

All editorial content found on this site is carefully curated to reflect that needs of the audience. Our goal is to get in touch with readers on a personal level. We aim to redefine the current climate of consumerism where the story behind the product lacks a personal touch. All products advertised on this site are products we use and stand behind. We do not simply advertise for the sake of advertising. This is a lifestyle site where we believe you design your own life. We want you to help us on this mission to inspire and design meaningful lives for our readers. This is REAL life and it’s time we got back in touch with this reality. If your brand suits this mission we look forward to partnering with you!

Our international team (yes, we live all around the world) is here to provide the best experience to all our visitors. This site is not demographic specific, meaning that it’s geared for all citizens of the web-sphere who are looking for more; specifically a place to share their life lessons. Our team includes social media merchants, the epicurious, style mavens, designers, photography and unique editorial minds.

We look forward to collaborate with advertising partners that suit our mission. Where we can join our creative minds to create inspiring branded content.

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