About Us


For a long time I have been wanting to start a site where people can share their stories, ideas and life lessons. Of course, before I decided to launch this site I searched the web to see what was out there in the cybersphere. I found a lot of great sites. If you are looking for beauty, health, fashion tips or celebrity gossip this area is more than covered. If you are looking for step by step tips on how to…do anything; this area is also covered. Although, I enjoy reading a lot of these sites and getting up to date on the latest trends and entertainment gossip. I felt like something was missing in all of this. For me I like to feel connected to the stories I read. I like to feel like the person telling the story is somehow connected to the words they have carefully put together and they want me to feel what’s behind it all. In my opinion we have become so connected by all our fancy gadgets that we have actually become disconnected. We have lost our ability to really truly connect with emotion and feeling. For me, I find this is also true when I read articles online, articles about real life issues where love and life and all the struggles we experience as people should not be deduced to a 12 step list. I pass no judgement when I say this. I myself have written articles in this exact format. I also read them myself and will continue to do so as many of you will and there is nothing wrong with that.

With this site I strive to provide a different way to convey stories, a place where people can share their stories and life lessons with each other in a way that’s honest and uninhibited. Don’t you want to hear it like it really is? Some stories just aren’t so glossy so why make them out to be that way? You have some tips you want to share with someone, yes I like a good list but what else? How can anyone really learn anything if there is no story behind it? Tell me why you came to this conclusion? What life experience did you have that made you realize all of this? It’s almost as if we are sharing advice without sharing a piece of ourselves. When you sit down with your good friends and talk about life and share advice you feel connected to the story and there is a lesson or something you can apply to your life moving forward. So why can’t the same be true for what we share online. Why can’t we share our stories and the lessons we learn with each other. There are times in life when a simple list won’t do. There is a time in life when you need to show people that they are not alone and you share the same experience and together you can share your life lessons and in turn possibly help each other.

I have heard many people say they don’t have regrets. I understand this may be true for you. I do think we can all agree when we look back on our lives there are many things we would have done differently if we had known better. If we had known what we know now. What are the things we would have done differently? You can’t go back and change the hands of time but you can change this moment and the many moments to come. Now, you are wiser and know better. So I think it’s important to share your wisdom as a token of gratitude to the universe. You have made it! There is someone out there who may be going through a similar situation and YOU can help them by sharing.

So welcome to THE THINGS I WISH I KNEW where I will share a lot of my present and past life experiences with you on all things concerning life. Some of it will be deep emotional stuff and at times it maybe shallow but it will be real, honest and how it really is. I will have guest contributors who I know you will love. Who will share their stories with you. Hopefully you too will join us!


Hanifa Anne Sekandi