Ab Workout: Intense Core-Tightening Workout

I thought I would put together a quick core workout that you can do anywhere. The great thing about having a few routines is that you can memorize them and then customize it to suit your needs or fitness level. If you are just starting out remember to take it easy. Getting fit doesn’t happen overnight, so just do your best each time.

I would aim to do a core tightening workout at least 2 to three times a week. Allow your abs some time to recover with a day off in between workouts. If you want a full-body workout you can add our routine for toned and strong thighs as well.





Workout Accessories Used In This Video: 
Sports Research Ab Roller Wheel – Includes Knee Pad, and Training Guide | Premium Core Strength Training Abdominal Wheel

Synergee Jet Black Gliding Discs Core Sliders. Dual Sided Use on Carpet or Hardwood Floors. Abdominal Exercise Equipment


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Brooke Ellis

Brooke Ellis is a fitness guru and global trotter. She is a successful competitive athlete, kicking butt in a number of sports including hockey (yes hockey!). She played 15 years of competitive hockey and then became an elite power skating instructor. Eating well, exercising on a regular basis and living a healthy lifestyle has always been very important to her. Brooke is most passionate about traveling the world, eating healthy, exercising on a regular basis and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. She enjoys all sports, cooking, baking, sewing and gaining new experiences. She likes to be called a woman of many trades. Currently working on launching her own swimsuit brand she is also working on a healthy lifestyle website. Brooke offers online coaching. One of Brooke's favourite quotes is “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way”. Brooke lives freely by this quote enjoying the life that she lives. You can follow her on Instagram @brookeandbikinis

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