5 Must See Films at TIFF

The 40th Toronto International Film Festival kicks-off tomorrow! There are so many great films to see. Hopefully you get to see a few. I thought I would help you by telling you which films are a MUST SEE. That way you won’t miss out and hear about them from everyone else. I am just going to list five because these are the one’s I would most likely check-out. There are so many great films (yes, please let me know what other films I should see as well) and I figured I would just narrow it down to five. You have to have focus sometimes otherwise nothing will happen.

My Top Five Are: 


This movie is about the amazing bond between sisters. It’s about the struggle women and young girls face when it comes to their bodies. The challenge to fit within a framework that they constantly see in magazines.



It’s another movie about a Romeo and Juliet love story. You know I am all about love so of course I am going to see this movie. Why is love always so complicated?!



This film is about three thirty-somethings who end up in a love triangle.  It delves into the complexities of love and its many challenges.



A grieving man who’s family has been murdered bonds with a waitress in a small South African town. Could this be another love story? You will have to go and see it to find out.



A film that documents the life of a henchman. It’s narrated by Salaman Rushdie.


There you have it! That’s my top five. I may see others, but as of now these are the one’s I want to see.

Happy TIFF!


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