10 Ways I Wish I Was More SuperHuman

It’s amazing how many people are searching for more in life. So many of us haven’t yet solved the riddle of happiness. Figuring this out is not easy. It’s can be a complicated journey. Every event, every person you meet, every article you read, creates the blueprint for the decisions you make. Grasping the infinite outcomes of these decisions is enough to make anyone mad. My life and life pursuits are no different. I’m work in progress. I try to celebrate the good and learn from the bad, desperately trying to live my best life.

I wasn’t a big kid growing up. In grade 10 I shot up 5 inches or so. I was still skinny but taller. I’ve changed over time. Now I’m 6’4”. I eat well. I try to get 7 hours and 45 minutes of sleep. Since everything our company does revolves around helping people find their SuperHuman, people often joke that I have already found MY SuperHuman. Truth is, as I mentioned earlier, I’m far from achieving my SuperHuman potential.

So, I decided to sit down and list the top ‘10 Ways I Wish I Was More SuperHuman’. Maybe writing it down will be a good reminder. Maybe you’ll see some of this in yourself.

#1 Be less insecure. We’ve evolved to solve problems. Often times we manufacture these problems through no fault of our own. ‘I wish I was smarter’, ‘I wish I was skinnier’, ‘I wish more people liked me’. Whatever your narrative, these problems exist in your head. They’re not real. Insecurity feeds off these ‘made-up’ problems. It can be an incredible motivator yet it can be destructive if left to its own devices. Not accepting that you are far less than perfect is like a fission reactor. It feeds on itself until you eventually burn out. We’ll never be perfect in the classic sense, yet we’re each perfect beings. When you can accept that, insecurities fade away.


  • Be less reliant on feedback (A continuation of #1?). If you trust in your abilities, if you trust that we all have unique abilities that are equally valuable, then you don’t need other’s feedback to feel fulfilled. When you are living your purpose, every decision is the right one for you. Period. What other people think is simply noise.


  • Be less scared. Living in the moment is the holy grail of consciousness. If we accept the present as the only relevant state, then we won’t give the future any shelf-space. We can be aware of it yet not allow it to influence the present. I don’t live in the present. The future is a very influential actor in my non-Shakesperean comedy. Every bad decision, every stress-induced ailment, is courtesy of a time and place that doesn’t yet exist but in my head.


  • Not allow my intuition to DEFINITIVELY pre-judge a situation. Intuition is a very powerful factor in the decisions we make. Some believe it to be more powerful than our logic because it is the culmination of years of what we’ve experienced, both consciously and subconsciously. I value my intuition, as many do. I think too many people ignore their intuition when it comes to what’s right and wrong for their future.

However, regardless of the quality of ones intuition, by design, it’s impossible to predict the future unless it’s a certainty (eg. a rock will hit the floor if you drop it). If you live your life on this principle then you won’t let your intuition pre-judge a person or situation. Being loving and open should be a universal go-to. Being loving shouldn’t be contingent on your intuition. Mine unfortunately is.


Superhuman, superman, Superwoman


  • Not allow what people think to affect my energy. When you’re scared to ‘look stupid’, you’re afraid to completely express yourself. If we all allowed ourselves to live with unbridled expression, to live with no fear, creativity in the world would experience a magical change. Energy should never be restricted. Your life force represents your ultimate expression, your pure energy. Allowing other’s negative energy to stifle yours is merely limiting your best life.


  • Embrace abundance versus scarcity. Poverty is one of the most common and impactful fears of humanity. The belief that you have something to lose implies that there are limited opportunities for everyone. The only way to live is with abundance because that is the path to your best life. The more you question this, the more you’re set-up to lose. Your SuperHuman is the part of you that believes that living your purpose only results from an abundance mentality.


  • Truly forgive. I have often confused forgiveness with reconciliation. Forgiveness is not reconciliation. Forgiveness is that act of releasing the negative energy from past experiences. The longer you keep that negative energy within you, the more havoc it creates. Reconciliation is the act of making amends with people who may have done you wrong. Reconciliation is not necessary for forgiveness. In some cases reconciliation is not feasible, nor is it in your best interest. Forgiveness always is.

#8 Spend more time with my family. Our connection to family transcends any possible bonds we may find elsewhere. We’re connected at a cellular level as a result of millions of years of evolution. We’re meant to see our family. These are the people who we communicate with, without even communicating. They’re the gas station you need when you’re on a long trip. Without refuelling enough times you can’t be your SuperHuman… your best self. Refuel as often as possible.




Be more talented. I find artistry fascinating. I have a hard time rationalizing how people can create masterpieces, or how they play symphonies. It’s the age-old argument of nature or nurture. Regardless of how it happens, some people amaze me with talent. They just seem to be in sync with a higher level of consciousness. Their natural frequency resonates with mastery of expression. But maybe I’ve had it wrong this whole time. Maybe we’re all infinitely talented, in infinite ways. The trick is eliminating the noise to allow yourself to express your best talents. I’m still working on my noise.

And lastly, I wish I would…

10 ⇒ Just Be.

Like it or not, we’re all stuck together on this planet in a universe with more stars than grains of sand on our beaches. We come from the same place. We are all the result of infinite permutations of the same matter. We all have a SuperHuman in us. An equally powerful SuperHuman. The only relevant question is who will choose to be it.



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Gary LeBlanc

Gary LeBlanc is recognized as an international thought leader in coaching individuals towards their purpose. Although Gary found success in the corporate world, his former career as a Vice President for a Fortune 500 company left him searching for his own purpose. When a close friend got diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago, Gary realized that health & wellness was more than just an interest, it was his passion. He has spent the better part of 20 years researching the latest diet, health, and fitness trends. As CEO of Ikkuma Inc., Gary is focused on living his purpose by helping people find their SuperHuman. A McGill University engineering and MBA graduate, Gary is also a certified coach practitioner, personal trainer, and most recently a published author, with his book titled ‘Ikkuma: Evolution of Vitality’. Follow Gary: @ikkumagary Gary LeBlanc Facebook Ikkuma

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